Sunday, April 5, 2015

Kedai Kopi Ming Ren

I read that this shop in Puchong serves really good Vegetarian Wan Tan Mee. Kedai Kopi Ming Ren/ Min Ren.

 The guide was it was opposite Tesco, at Pusat Bandar Puchong . It took us a while before we realized it was actually behind the main road facing shops, somewhere behind SP Setia building. We went during lunch on a Saturday and the place was packed. As soon as you enter the shop, there would be a stall serving Assam Laksa, Prawn Mee and as well as Nasi Ekonomi. The folks are from Melaka and their food I hear is really good. As you walk towards the back of the shop, passing the Wan Tan Mee , Western, Pan Mee stalls, you will see the Vegetarian Nasi Ekonomi sign board. And on the right and side of the shop, you will see the sign Vegetarian Noodles.

They had 3 types of Menu : Daily Special, Others and Everyday Have :-)

I was thrilled when I saw Prawn Mee, My Fav. But I stuck to what I came for. To try out the Vege Wan Tan Mee.

It was wonderfull. Even though the mee was slightly thicker than the normal stalls Wan Tan Mee, the taste was good, the portions large and the ingredients on top gave it a wonderfull finishing touch.

Brinda ordered Wan Tan Mee from the normal stall and, that too looked really good. Ragu and Brinda agreed it is one of those better ones from this area. Definitely a place to come back.

Ragu ordered Prawn Mee from the Malacca Stall. Looked awesome, though the gravy was not so thick - but it was good on the whole.
Bon Appetit
Kedai Kopi Min Ren/Ming Ren
Jalan Bandar 2,
Pusat Bandar Puchong,


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