Saturday, April 11, 2015

Mcdonalds Malaysia

Its nice to find out that Mcd has brought back its classic McEgg , but this time with a twist. McEgg Sos Chili. I must admit, that I am Mcdonald's Fan(atic) and crazy as it sounds, I eat there almost every week. What do I get for a vegetarian person, I get the McChicken Deluxe, with NO MEAT. That comes out the most cost effective with the most ingredients I could get out of the burger. Trust me I have done it all, Cheeseburger, Big Mac , McChicken , Fillet o Fish - all No meat. I always sneak in fries and have a fries burger. After all ,Mcd's fries are just in its own league.

After a long break ,we now can enjoy the McEgg which comes around every few years. Their eggs are always cooked perfectly and now with Sos Cili instead of to tomato, it will really be treat for the eggatarians around. The usual McEgg Muffin is still available for breakfast menu, but this McEgg is all day :-) . This promo is going on about one month.. and if it does well ,should stay permanent. Yay - which means no more empty burgers for me..

Bon Appetit!!!

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  1. Hi, you mean you could customize your burger and take out the meat and they would charge you a reduced price at Mcdonald's since you said NO MEAT and cost effective? I am planning to do that and just wanna ask you.