Sunday, April 12, 2015

Great Taste Dim Sum

This place was recommended by my friend Premah , that it has quite good dim sum. Its in USJ 21 , corner shop just opposite Main Place. In all our usual dim sum breakfasts, I usually just order the Chee Cheong Fun Kosong, ie without any shrimp or filling. It was nice to actually find a normal dim sum shop that gave Vegetarian options for the Chee Cheong Fun ( CCF). One is the Vegetarian and another is Crispy Roll Cheong Fun...

The Vegetarian CF came with nice fresh vege with sweet dates on top. I preferred the Crispy Roll CF. Now , how often do you find a Chakoay inside a Chee Cheong Fun. What a pleasant surprise I got. It was abdelicious. You may omit the chilli, cause it has some small prawns in it.

 Crispy roll Cheong Fun

Even the radish cake here does not have pork or prawns inside. This dish came with  a wonderful crispy outer shell and a warm soft inside. What a thrill to the tastebuds. So you can guess, when they use the same ingredient in their fried carrot cake , it was so yummy!


 So look out for this place if you feel like having some dimsum...I noticed a couple other options such as Egg CCF and Mushroom Rolls Dim Sum. Will have to just try them another time..

Ragu has mixed reviews for the non vege dim sum dishes, preferring another dim sum shop few blocks away, but  i'm all up for any shop that caters for the hungry hippo :-)

Bon Appetit!

Great Taste Hong Kong Dim Sum 真之味点心之家
No. 1-1, Jalan USJ 21/6
47630 UEP Subang Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan.


  1. Nice to see some yummy veggie dim sum dishes. :-)

  2. The fried carrot cake looks yummy and crisp on the outside. They don't usually have pork or prawns inside though some may have bits of ham or dried prawns in them.