Monday, April 27, 2015

Porcupine Place Setiawalk

Before I even start, I need to say the pics that are being posted just will not justify how wonderful the dishes are. You just have to come here and taste it.

We booked Porcupine Place for dinner via Offpeak.My to get 20% discount on the food bill. It was totally worth it. There are some places that makes you feel so welcomed that you really don't mind paying the full or more. This is one of those places. From the moment we entered the front door in Setiawalk, we were greeted warmly, showed to our seats. Clearly a very family friendly place, with subtle and homely décor. They just opened in December.

On the right of the main front door, you can see all the freshly made pasta all lined up. It was a sign, that we were in for a real threat. Sauces, pasta, desserts - everything was done from scratch to ensure its freshness and quality.

We spoke to the co owner of the restaurant , Wen who coincidently is a doc from Britain who gave it up to pursue her cooking passion. Her partner and partner in life, Jon  is the other chef who was at action when we were there. Its nice when the person who prepares your meal cooks for passion and not forced to do it.

Wen guided us on all the vegetarian options we could get from here. There were so many choices, we just couldn't decide. But on recommendation we tried the  Twisted Pesto,  Crispy Mushroom Tortellini and crispy Frittata. There was the Vege burger( Beanie-licious) that we were so tempting to order but worried we wont be able to finish. More reason to come next time.

The Twisted Pesto is not the standard basil, pine nuts pesto. This is made from Laksa leaves ( daun kesum) and it was wonderful. Paired with the freshly made tagliattele , it was something so different, a fusion I had never tasted before. Don't mind the pic. We couldn't wait to dig in and then realized there were no pics. LOL.

The next we had was the crispy frittata. Easy to the eyes and easy to the mouth, what beauty this dish was and it was flavor upon flavor on plate. The eggs were perfectly cooked and the toppings gave a really nice crunch.

We also had the crispy mushroom Tortellini which is basically sautéed mushrooms and wrapped, fried in wan ton sheets. I was skeptical but was truly dumbfounded when I popped it in my mouth . Bursting with mushroom flavor, it was topped with an amazing cream sauce with dollops of tomato dip.

The kids and Ragu ordered the Crustacean Pasta and the Skinny White Fish

 The kids loved the pasta. It was creamy and delicious and was filled with crab meat . And the Skinny White Fish had an amazing sauce, another fusion of spice and Asian flavor. Two thumbs up here.

For dessert , we ordered two from the menu. A banana ice cream dessert and a chocolate brownie . Although both were good in its own way, I think hands down another dish was going to win .

Banana sorbet with walnuts and Chocolate sauce..

The beautiful choc brownie.

Now, the finale of the entire meal was a surprise indeed. Wen served every table in the restaurant with a plate of meringue mushrooms. NOW , that is what you call good hospitality.
And it was the best meringues I had ever tasted. Not overly sweet but just perfect. When it melts in your mouth, you will appreciate how the dash of ginger just complements them.

LOVE this place and cant wait to go back again. You should too!

Porcupine Place
B-3A-G, Setiawalk, Puchong. Ground floor
Open Tues - Sun .

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  1. I keep hearing of new places opening in Setia Walk. I've never visited though. Might have to make a day trip of a visit.