Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Beer Factory ( TBF)

Sometime , couple of weeks ago, we went over to our favorite  hang out spot in Setia Walk. The Beer Factory also known as TBF. For a while now ,they were undergoing renovations and it was a so nice to see the place fully renovated, giving a real nice family restaurant vibe.

 The change I was looking  for was the MENU, cause the waitress said they were having whole new revamp. This place has stopped serving pork and having a new chef .

The drinks menu had  new entries that looked good. The different types of Mojito's reminded me of Soul'ed Out  Mojito spread. The were several options for Margarita's and Slushies too.

I couldn't resist the Kedondong Asam Boi Mojito. It was refreshing, minty and perfect for a hot day. It came with a familiar sugar cane stick :-)

Another one that was good was the Strawberry Margarita,
The new menu I was hoping to have my favourites in there, but they were no where to be found. Namely the Dancing Nacho's and the Chocolate Lava ( to die for). There were several new options , with about 9- 10  vegetarian options. Great!
The first one we tried was the Potato Hotcake with Ricotta Cheese. The hotcake tasted more like a Strawberry and Blueberry Pancake than a potato hotcake ( couldn't taste much of the potato there). The amazing thing about the dish was the blueberry jam, which Mira was licking away.  The ricotta cheese was good complement to the fresh strawberries and blueberries on top of the hotcakes. There was salad on top of the hotcake with brown sauce. A bit confusing in tastes for me, having sweet and savory together.
Next we tried something called Dog Food..Hehe. Weird name it was. A mix of fries and nachos with cheese and meat sauce. We opted for no meat and expected the dish to be grilled with the cheese. Unfortunately the sauces came separately so it didn't give us the bang we always got from their previous menu, The Dancing Nachos.
One nice thing about the revamped TBF is KIDS EAT FREE! with any main meal ordered. The girls ordered the  Big Hero Pasta, pleasantly surprised that it had no meat and such a kid friendly food.

I tried  the Magic Mushroom Carbonara and dare I say.. its the BEST I have tried. Perfect blend of  cheese  and creaminess. Mushrooms were cooked well, didn't have mushy feel or awkward smell. It was a combi of 3 types of mushrooms, White Buttons ,Shimeji and Oyster. Kudos to the chef for this.

Ragu tried the Atlantis Pizza - A seafood pizza. Quite disappointing for him. It was rather flat and we won't order it again.

There are other Vege options , though not specifically labeled ( V) , such as Salad Sticks, Magic Mushroom Bruschetta, Carrot & Celery Toothpicks and Magic Mushroom Soup.

The dessert time is the favorite time of the entire meal for the kids, especially at this place. They too were eager to try out the new options. On the menu, there was a dish called  Brownie Bombs ( labeled TBF choice). We ordered that and another called Oreo Garden.

 Brownie Bombs
Oreo Garden

Now the verdict, even if the Brownie Bomb was the TBF choice, the Oreo Garden wins, hands down.
The brownie was dry , hard and cold and definitely would have made the dish different if the brownie came warm. Ice cream and choc sauce was just normal.
What is in the Oreo Garden you ask?? Its layers of chocolate, creamy parfait, ice cream, choc lava and Oreo crumbs. It was utter BLISS!
So with the new items in and new renovations, TBF will still remain the joint we will haunt.
So to my brother in law, sorry - no more succulent Pork Belly that you talk so highly about.
And to my kids, sorry no more Chocolate Lava - which you call " The Best in the World"
Bon Appetit Everyone.
The Beer Factory
SetiaWalk, Persiaran Wawasan,
Pusat Bandar Puchong,
47160 Puchong, Selangor
Tel : 0108993535