Thursday, March 26, 2015

Betjeman & Barton

Sometime last month, Valentine’s day to be exact – my friend , Mena asked me to join her for an event under WEVENTS group.  It’s a no men, Women’s only event held once in a few months, for working ladies to meet up , chat and just let their hair down. This time on how to make perfume!
Tammy Lim who is the president of Wevents

Shelby Khoo from Bisou Bon Bon
( She was the perfume guru for the day and man , she knew her stuff )
 The event was held at Betjeman & Barton in 1 Utama. Nope – have not heard of this place before , so I was pretty excited to see what they have in store. I knew it was a tea joint, but they had other things to order too.  
This shop was started off by Arthur Betjemen and Percy Barton in 1919 – two tea experts in France. They have lots of tea in this shop – all sorts .  We were served with the tea in an adorable tea pot , and they had many other types of teapots , tea canisters on sale too. Some really quaint and dainty, some just pretty and posh.
Classy Tea Pots

Tea Canisters
 ( Pic :Wevents)
The part I was waiting for was the hi tea :  the macaroons and cakes already looked so tempting on display when I walked into the shop. They had something called the Afternoon Tea Set and it was lovely. Several types of cakes, macaroons and chocs served on a 3 tier plate , with a fabulous tea. For me , tea is just not my cup of tea :-) , but this was different. It was light , it had flavor and went down well, you just feel like drinking from the tea pot. But then.. lets behave now :-). The tea that was served  called the Hidden Rose tea, their signature Pouchkine tea.

Ms. Lee ( Manager for Corporate & Business Dev for Betjeman & Barton)


Each of these items can be bought separately too if you don't want to get the afternoon tea set. From the choice we were given, I would recommend the macaroons, lemon tart ,Mangue mousse ( mango mousse), Oreo Cheese Mousse and Tiramissu.
( Mango Mousse)

( Oreo Cheese Mousse)

 (Yummy Macaroons)

Don't forget also the assortment of hand made chocs. They come in so many variants : Blueberry Milk hearts, Dark Pralinosa and etc..

All of them melt straight in the mouth and have an extremely smooth texture. The macaroons were too sweet for my friend so , do opt it out if you don't feel all too sugary..
At the end we were served with an amazing tea ice cream with beetroot & black sesame cone. Ice cream was awesome. The cone was much of an acquired taste. Felt a slight bitter Thumbs up for the creativity.
 (pic : wevents)
After all the sugar loading , I will have only one thing to say. Great tea served with great accompaniments.
Bon appetite!
Betjeman & Barton Tea Room Malaysia
G220, Ground Floor,
1 Utama (Old Wing),
Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor


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  1. awesome.. can't wait to try.. i love tea and sweets ;))