Friday, March 18, 2016

Simplyd Nu Sentral

I've been frequenting this place quite a few times now, but never got a chance to blog about it. We went again today because the kids love the soft serve ice cream and also we were just around the area. Simplyd is situated in Nu Sentral at the Ground Level , just behind the Levi's Store and you need to walk on the outer area to reach this shop. Its in the same row as Starbucks.

The reason this place is close to my heart, is that nothing beats the convenience , when a restaurant can label vegetarian/meatless options for us vegetarians . Simplyd nailed this perfectly.

Almost every section of the Menu, be it appetizers, pasta, burger or sandwich, there would be at least one ( V) sign. How so convenient. Bless you people, Simplyd.

You get what i mean :-)

The decor inside is in bold two toned colours. Black and Orange. The plates and bowls too. But it doesn't bring one bit of monotony to the atmosphere. Its large windowed walls provides ample light for patrons to feel comfy.

This place runs lots of promotions, their current one is on fries from different countries.

The last time i went, they had run an avacado promo. I had the Avacado pesto with Avacado shake. This is the plus point, There is always a good roll of options.

This time, i tried the simple roasted garlic oglio olio with sundried tomatoes. A bit dry ,  taste was light with lots of paremesan shavings.

And this is the reason my kids visit this place.

There are two flavors every day and it changes all the time. This softserve doesn't taste like any others. Its smooth and doesnt linger too long on the tongue..Not so creamy and sweet like McD's, the kids and me hardly get the thirsty after effect taste. It sometimes even feels like a pinch of salt went in there to get it where it is.  Recipe to be discovered.....

So try this place out, let me know what you think. Oh i must add. You might feel some dishes lacking bits of salt, spice, heat or pepper. Its up to you to add how much you want...

Bon Appetit Folks.

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