Thursday, December 3, 2015

Absolute Thai Main Place USJ

Mom wanted to give a treat to a Thai Restaurant she just went with her friend recently. Its situated in Main Place USJ on the first floor, just as you get out of the escalator.Its called Absolute Thai. I've seen this outlets in other shopping malls before but this is the first time entering one.

Deco inside was very pleasant as we walked in, with the waitress calling our "Sawadikap" as we walked in. Don't mind the fact that they looked more like Nepalese or Bangladeshi's and not Thai..LoL Well lit with wooden strips walls, super comfy chairs and everything that can make you feed comfortable in that place.


They have VIP rooms that provides you the privacy if you need..
We went in directly with our order, telling the waiter we will be ordering Vegetarian dishes. Now, the menu here had no marking which dish was vegetarian, so we were at the mercy of our English Vocab between the waiter and us. And because of this, we were just hoping for meatless dishes to arrive and not pure vegetarian , ( ie they might have some stock or paste that we might not know about)

We had the Bean Curd dish and Stir Fried Mix Vegetables with Garlic ( Rm16.90). We asked for the Bean Curd to be Vegetarian and Sizzling and this is what we got.

Taste of the sizzling Tofu was nothing fantastic. Neither spicy nor bland. And it definitely did not bring us back to Thailand. More of Petaling Street. And the same for the mix vege dish. Though the latter tasted wonderful. Vege's were crisps with that amazing taste of garlic. ( YEP, both came meatless)

The main dish we were looking out for was the Tom Yam Soup served in a Firepot for 4 pax ( RM41) . There are two choices for this , ie Red or Clear soup. We went for Red. The outcome as below.

Loaded with Brocolli, Cauliflower, Shiitake Mushrooms, Tofu, Baby Corn cooked in an amazing spicy Soup. It was spicy but not too much to smoke your ears. Even the kids had this with rice. 
Thumbs up !!!

We also ordered the plain omelette ( RM11) . It was ordinary.

  For dessert, a must on for Ragu at any Thai restaurant is the Manggo and Sticky Rice dish. And to tell you honestly, he judges the entire restaurant based on that one dish .This time, the coconut sauce was mildly tangy with a good consistency . Not too thick .. However the main actor , ie Mr. Mango needs to be sweet and juicy. It wasn't this time. Probably its the season. So there goes one disappointed guest who went home that night.

Not forgetting for the carnivorous, we had Thai Fish Cakes,(RM 17.90 for 5 pieces) . Ragu and dad ate it all. Definitely not a favorite of the kids. The adults enjoyed it well.

So final opinion on this place. Some dishes were just mediocre, and can be found in many other Chinese restaurants,although the Tom Yam Soup is definitely a recommendation. We might have missed out on some other good dishes. If you have tasted,please do share. They have 13 other outlets in the country so you are bound to see one. You can check out their location at

Bon Appetit!!

Absolute Thai Main Place
Jalan USJ 21/10,
 Usj 21, 47630 Subang Jaya, 
Selangor, Malaysia

Tel : 0377298708

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