Sunday, November 29, 2015

Magnum Cafe IOI City Mall

Its always nice to hit a an ice cream parlor on a hot day and what nicer way than to attack the hot day with a Magnum by your side.

We headed to the Magnum Cafe at IOI City Mall,  just a few days after Deepavali on weekday( heard of all the write-ups for queuing for a stick of ice-cream on weekends)

This place on the Ground Floor, is just like other ice cream parlors that  allows you to either sit or take away the ice cream.However this place gives you an extra kick as it comes in a traditional Magnum stick.  At Baskin Robbins for example, we would trot up and down deciding what taste to go for, but this place makes is slightly simpler. You get firstly to Choose one stick ice cream( Vanilla or Chocolate Brownie) .

You then Choose the coating ( Chocolate /Belgian White Chocolate) *** Sorry folks , NO MAGNUM GOLD here***,

Then choose three toppings( almost 15 to choose from like berries, marshmallows, oreo etc )

and finally choose the drizzle ( White Choc, Dark Choc or Milk Choc).

Then they advise you to wait for 2 min for it to set before eating, so you get to savor the tastes. I seriously doubt how many people can look at the ice cream for that long , without devouring it. LOL.

We got two of them ( RM9.90 each). Kids were rather unadventurous when asked to choose their toppings , so they stuck to grape jellies, Oreo and some chocolate balls , while the other was Oreo, marshmallows and chocolate balls.  The flavors were good and the kids loved it. I personally thought we could have done this at home :-)

If you get the standard stick, then you either sit outside or take it back : Not such a good thing especially if you go in a large group .You probably have to eat outside or walk around the corner and eat the ice cream while watching the water fountain. If you want some hotfood or speciality Ice Cream from the menu, then they let you come into the shop. We opted for both, the standard stick and thought we'd try something from the " Classy Menu" .

 This is entrance for indoor seating at the side of the restaurant and the seats inside as below.


                                                                       Outdoor Seats.

From the Menu, we ordered something called Magnum Pop Star ( RM25), which is " Magnum Vanilla Ice Cream Coated with Silky White Magnum Chocolate, Served with  A cluster of Glorious Cheese Pop Corn, Marshmallows, Salted Almonds and Cake Chunks , Dressed with Maple Syrup"
Out of that long descriptions, sad to say the best part was not the ice cream but the cheese Pop Corn. It was Glorious indeed. The whole dish finished very fast , but we were not blown over like how the pics on the menu did to us. We expected a larger portion and were slightly disappointed.

In the end, i felt that it was a good experience coming to this place. There are more on the menu that can be experimented and thats the best way to try out what combinations goes best together.You should try this place at least once.

It also gave me a good idea, that to impress the kids i can always buy Magnum from the shop and come up with my own deco for the ice cream. Haha..

Bon Appetit!

IOI City Mall
Lot GE-3
03-8328 0662

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