Sunday, April 5, 2015

Lahari Kitchen

There is a new kid on the block ,named Lahari Kitchen. I must admit that my block ( Puchong ) has several banana leaf Indian Restaurants, but I can't remember when was the last an  Indian Restaurant serving North and South Indian dishes was around.

Lahari Kitchen , meaning Kitchen from Over the Seas is situated 3 doors away from Pelita, near IOI Mall. The shop is owned by, husband and wife , Deepak and Komalah, who started this restaurant sometime in Dec 2014 with only lunch menu. Then too they were getting large crowds. Now they are fully geared up and are open for dinner. Having vast experience with catering for events and parties around Klang Valley, Deepak , who is also the main Chef decided with his wife to venture in to Indian cuisine eatery, with his signature Hydrebadi Dum Briyani and  share his passion of food with folks from around here.

It was an indeed a wise move. He uses only the finest ingredients brought from India for all his cooking. The dishes we had for lunch were not the conventional Indian food you get from all the other Banana Leaf restaurants. They were different names and ingredients put in like the Fenugreek chicken , Duck Curry and many more. A real nice treat for a change.

For me,  I was overjoyed with the vegetarian options I had for lunch. There were minimum of 9 dishes and all of them were very tasty, from the cucumber raita to grated coconut with cabbage , Aloo Gobi to gourdes.

The Chicken Dum Briyani is cooked in a traditional pot brought from India, so it seals the taste and aroma for the food. Even the method of cooking this was exciting to hear. For lunch , I brought my friend, Faesal and Ragu for sampling the Briyani , since I am vegetarian . Both said the rice was really good. The chicken was rather dry for them, but accompanied with all the other accompaniments, they wiped the plates clean.

Dum Briyani
The Menu for the night consists of Indian dishes like Dosas, Tandoori's , Gobi Manchurian. local menu such as fried beehoon, rice and north india fare ie Nans , Prathas and many more. You might need to be a bit patient for the night as some dishes take a while to be served, since they are cooked over the charcoal stove. Most of the dishes we tried were on the spicy side, but I guess that's signature Hyderbadi style.
Ragu enjoyed the Chicken Tikka the most, which was not spicy while the kids had their Butter Chicken ( ask for not spicy if you need it bland) 
Chicken Tikka
                                                                                         Butter chicken

We ordered Kadai Vegetable ( Mix Vege Indian Style) , Naan 's and Pudina Pratha. All the bread were good , soft and hot from the stove although we had to wait quite a bit. It was worth the wait.

Kadai Vegetable
Pudina Pratha

They serve Lassi's too - though not the overly thick creamy ones, they offered several different options to choose from. I would definitely recommend the Mint Lassi.  Totally outstanding!
Strawberry Lassi and Mint Lassi below .


On your way out , if you happen to see something colourful on the counter, don't forget to buy it. Its their home made candy that makes you want to buy another 5 more packets cause one is just not enough.

P.S : Thanks Faesal for joining us .

Bon Appetit!!

Lahari Kitchen
G-6, Jalan Merbah 2, Bdr Puchong Jaya
IOI Mall Lane

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