Thursday, February 26, 2015

Black Market

If you go to Main Place mall in USJ, you might see this shop called Black Market near the valet entrance of the shopping complex. I must let you know, they have quite a number of vegetarian options that you can order.

We decided to try out this place after purchasing vouchers on Groupon. Ragu said he always wanted to see what they had to offer. The place , true to its name is painted all black\Grey :-). It brings out a dark feeling when you are inside but comfortable. The deco at this place is very tastefully done and impressive - even for using dark colours. I guess the lighting complemented it very well .

One thing that caught my eye is the number of dishes with truffle menu. Truffles are type of fungi that can be found in France originally and but now are cultivated in several countries around the world like Australia and New Zealand. There are many types of truffles: Black,White and other species. Because of its not so common, the prices for truffles can be high. Hence they are also served in very little quantities. This time would be the first  i'm trying truffles, so I won't be able to compare its taste with anything. I'll just have to look around in other shops and review it later.

Because truffle comes under fungi/mushroom - i'll take it as vegetarian ;-)

On the menu, there were quite a few (V) sign : V= Vegetarian , but do be cautious .We noticed even a Truffle Potato Salad with Egg is labeled (V). If you are ok with eggs, go for it.

On the Salad and Soups, they had 4 ( V) choices : Truffle Mushroom Soup and  Spanish Vegetable Soup, Fruit Salad and Truffle Potato Salad with Egg.

We ordered the Truffle Mushroom Soup ( RM16). It was lovely. Definitely the right choice, the mushrooms were well blended, creamy and not to over powering in taste.  Truffles were in the middle. I was excited to taste it but just could not pick up what i'm supposed to taste. Maybe the soup was just too good, I forgot the truffles taste.

On the Appetizers , another 2 ( V) options : Nachos with Guacamole and Wedges with Guacamole, but there was garlic bread and cashewnuts on the menu too.

We got the Nachos ( RM16) . Nachos was  tasty - just the right amount of salt and flavoring and not too greasy like some other nachos around. The only complain is that it came with a really good dipping sauce which was too little a serving. For that much of nachos , we need more sauce.

There were no ( V) marked in the Main section, so you just need to go with the dish name.

Ragu ordered Seafood Petai Sambal Fried Rice ( RM28). He enjoyed it , especially the prawns and petai, but found the rice a tad way spicy.. Nevertheless, thumbs up for him.

The kids and me tried The Five Star Egg Truffle with Linguine , since it had a crown beside it :-). It was recommended and also the Truffle Mushroom Pizza.

Make no mistake like me. The pasta dish pic on the menu showed egg on top, and I asked for the egg to be well done , forgetting that its the soft cooked egg yolk when mixed, would bring out the flavor with the pasta together with the truffles.. Plan failed and I probably didn't get what i should have. Next time I have to learn to keep my mouth shut. Pasta taste was good . I just have to visit them again to try how it should be.

Pizza taste was ok - again I couldn't feel or taste the truffle. Maybe I should be smelling them instead.

One thing I have to recommend is that they have the best shakes we had ever tasted. The kids ordered each , one strawberry and one chocolate . Both were superb ( RM 15 each). Thick and frothy you can feel every ingredient in the shake, while sipping its creaminess . Two thumbs up. Please come here if your kids like shakes.

Now , whichever restaurant we go to, the kids would order chocolate Lava if its on the menu. They have benchmarked many and so far the one at The Beer Factory in Setia Walk beats everything. So I asked them to review this one and they were excited. When the Choc Lava came, they punctured, it , tasted it , combined it with the ice cream and said , NOPE!  Not as good. ( I'll blog about the Beer Factory's food another day) . Ragu and me found it not flowy enough, but tastewise ok. Kids have high expectations I think.


Black Markets  outlets are at

Address: St. Mary Place, No. 1 Jalan Tengah,, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours · 10:00 am – 11:00 pm

2) No 16, Jalan Kampun Pandan, 55100 KL
Phone : 0173218686
Opening hours : 11am to 12 am

3) Ground Floor , Main Place Place Mall, USJ21/10
Phone : 03 -58797668
Opening hours : 10am to 10pm

Bon Appetit !!

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