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Restoran Taulat Sungai Petani @ Mee Tajudeen

What makes a good plate of Mamak Mee? Will it be those chunky ingredients they throw in while frying, or that lovely gravy poured on top of a Mamak mee goreng just before dishing out , or is it the texture of the yellow noodles. It can vary from one person to another but here ,i will share with you one place that is close to perfect in every way for me. When i speak to friends from my hometown , some beg to differ when i choose Mee Tajudeen as my haunting ground . They say the other two are equally as good, maybe better.I'll introduce the other two later, but first lets talk about the famous Restoran Taulat in Sungai Petani. SP is about 45 min drive from Penang Island, and trust me, this place produces too many good food options for the north. Coming close to the likes of Penang foods, at times , even better.

On the main road of SP, just after the clock tower , you would see a restaurant located in a bungalow lot on the right. Thats where you need to park to try one of the best noodles in the north. 3 main dishes that you need to try are Pasembor, their signature Mee Rebus and the classic Mee Goreng. I've been eating food from this place ever since i graduated off my diapers and the taste has not changed even after all these years.

Cause im a vegetarian, Unc Tajudeen ( the chef and owner) will only allow me to order the Pasembor and Mee Goreng, cause the gravy of the Mee Rebus has prawns.  In Pasembor, which is another name for Rojak in the north, he would omit the prawn based fritters and only put what we can eat. Code name in Tamil is  " Saivam" and he knows what to do.


The eggs in the pasembor is optional , and he adds a good helping of potatoes , Fried tofu and flour fritters on top of the bed cucumber, beans sprouts and sengkuang. This is then drenched with an amazing not too sweet peanut gravy with a tinge of spice. No noodles in this , like a salad food for some.

Ragu usually orders his favourite , which is the Mee Rebus. This dish is one of their best sellers.  The thick gravy combined with the yellow noodles and dash of chilli  gravy has all tastes that will hit your tastebuds instantly. You would be sitting there just mind-numbed.

                                                                                               Mee Rebus

The other option for vegetarian is the Mee Goreng. This has been a classic in this shop. If you want a not too spicy, not too sweet, not soaking in oil, tastes good in each mouthfull , then you know where to come. In the Klang Valley or anywhere else around Malaysia, its really difficult to spot good mamak mee goreng. Apart from one shop in JB that came quite close to this taste, in my opinion all fades in comparison. However its up to you to taste and let me know your views. In this you can also opt for eggs or none, and the chef will put in the vegetarian ingredients only.

                                                                       Mee Goreng

We were stuffed with other food and got this packed for our drive back to KL. And that too , if you say its for KL, he makes it without beans sprouts so it can withstand the 5 hour drive back...

Two other famous shops in SP that contend for the best mee goreng, is Mee Alaudin and AKhan Mee. Both have been around for years and years and good foods never falter.

I cant comment on the other two. Probably will do a taste off one day , between all three to see who has it best.

Until then, if you ever pass a town call Sungai Petani on your way up north, do try this place out.

Bon Appetit

Restoran Taulat
1, Jalan Pasar Baru, 08000,
Sungai Petani, Kedah, 08000
04-423 9639

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