Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I stumbled upon few months back and thought that it was hitting the nail on the head.. Just what i was searching for and just what my blog promotes as well. Meatless and vegetarian dining.  Let me explain further. is Malaysia's first meat-free lifestyle platform, offering a unique and compassionate angle towards promoting restaurants and cafes, with the primary objectives of saving animals, health, environment and money.

Restaurants are provided with an attractive showcase of their vegetarian offerings, and a hassle-free system for food lovers to obtain immediate discounts for meat-free meals. Savings are doubled if shared on social media to promote the welfare causes.

To enjoy the delicious meat-free deals, just visit or download the app for digital coupons and dine instantly. No upfront payment, booking or printing is needed.And thats the nice part about this. Its not like Groupon or any other Deal site that you need to buy first. You will only need to make payment at the restaurant when you use the coupon to purchase your food. 

This entire concept  began way back in 2008, by Andy Koh , starting off who have been working hard with nationwide animal shelters, rescuers, and pet lovers to improve Malaysia's animal welfare. Much of their focus was centered upon pets. Hence KindMeal was born. A platform for anyone, regardless of age, gender or financial status, to save lives (animals) anywhere, anytime. Without requiring any effort, time or money. In fact, they can even SAVE money.

As a KindMeal user for the past few months, i found this place great. I share my pics and info with all who are just like me, searching for good meatless and vegetarian food , Via KindMoments tab, I learn from others what to eat, where to find them and how to order. 

So folks, please feel free to browse through their website and enjoy the joys of meatless dining. 

Welcome to the world of saving animals.

Bon Appetit.

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