Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Opium @ Changkat

For New Year 2015, we decided to start it off with a voucher I got off Groupon for Opium KL.  I had read reviews of this place from JKdrooling's page and jumped to the chance to check what they had to offer for vegetarians..

So me and hubs headed there for dinner about 8ish. On a weekend , this area in Changkat gets quite packed with lots of clubs around the area. Parking is quite easy.. There is an open air car park straight down the road, before club Havana. Park here and you can stroll down to Opium easily.

The tag line of this shop Opium : Eat Drink Man Woman was brilliant I thought. We were greeted with lovely ladies holding Chinese fans and they ushered us to our place quite quickly. We sat out doors which had a nice ambience and able to do a bit of people watching.  Service was fantastic here.

We both were undecided on what to order and the waitress was kind enough to explain to us the menu and even gave me alternate choices for vegetarian which is not in the menu :-)  . How nice.

While there were about 4 dishes on the menu listed vegetarian ( the above menu has now been refreshed), the waitress recommended I try the Opium Wanton Noodles which they could make vegetarian. The vegetarian options that was labeled ( V) were :

1) Vegetable Bearcurd Roll
2) Cabbage Rolls
3)Stirfried Home Vegetables
4) Sweet and Sour Tofu Pot

While the one that looked Vegetarian , probably had some eggs and unseen sauces were :
1) Cheese Samosas : popiah skin-3 cheese-raisins-apricot chutney
2) Salted Egg Cream Bun :custard-salted egg-fresh milk    
3)Crispy Tofu Salad :white tofu-green mango-green papaya-cucumber-ginger flower-calamansi-
4) Smoked cheese pizza  
5) All the deserts.              
I thought what the heck. And it came out wonderful. The noodles were light, tasted different from the normal Wanton Noondles you get from the shops here. They had lots of carrots and beans which was unusual for this type of noodles. The best part for me was deep fried Spinach which topped the noodles. They were crispy , not too oily and added the nice crunch for the noodles. Soup was tasty with winter melon and Sengkuang..

Ragu ordered Black Fried rice with Softshell Crab. Was recommended by the waitress too , but didn't come out as nice as expected. So think twice before ordering it unless you are a die hard Squid Ink fan.

For dessert we went for the Cheesy Banana Fritters. They were good! 4 lightly warm fried bananas with cheese shavings all around and topped with banana ice cream. I thought the banana ice cream was really good. It was fresh and felt like home made with chunks of sweet banana's inside.

Drinks ( our cocktails) were served in nice cute porcelain cups , served with wasabi green peas and peanuts on either side.Water infused with mint leaves were served in bowls!!! Was a good experience and definitely will come again.

A short trip to the washroom made me notice the cute signs on both gents and ladies.. Don't get lost!!

Bon Appetit Folks !!

This is their address :


No. 50, Changkat Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur 50200 
+603-21425670 Opening hours: Sun to Thu, 4pm – 1am. Fri & Sat, 4pm-2am

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  1. I enjoy the decor in this place. Their cocktail presentation is pretty cool too.