Tuesday, April 26, 2016


I have been reading several other food bloggers reviewing this product, and with vege options available on this website , my colleagues and me decided to try it out too.

Kimnana Bento are quite new to the market here. They are home/office delivery of healthy bento sets /Lunch box for all those Japanese food lovers as well those who are looking for healthy food. Whats good is the delivery charge is FREE!

There are 3 options in the vege club menu and one more vegetarian under the Dutch Bento Pizza.

We opted for 2 of the vege club options. Ordering was super easy online and we can choose to pay cash on delivery. You have to order before 5.30 pm the day before for next day delivery.
SMS is sent to your phone to confirm order and then also to say that the food is on the way. Thats very courteous so we don't wait and wait...

The delivery is to the main lobby of the office so I went down to pick it up. Pleasantly surprised that the food was still warm and nice.

The Korean Style Bibimbap looked very interesting . 5 different type of dishes resting on a bed of rice.

They had greens, some stir-fried mushrooms, corn, peanuts , cabbage and fried vegetarian chicken in the middle with a splash of gravy. Portion was quite big.

Unfortunately it was rather salty and my colleague  had much difficulty finishing up the food.Something she didn't expect. Lacking Uummph!

I ordered the Fried Abalone Mushroom with SzeChuan Sauce. It had fried mushrooms, green beans, steamed tofu, shredded carrots and vegetarian chicken.

Taste was ok for me. Didn't blow me away. I found the szechuan sauce too little and because there was no soup accompaniment, the whole ensemble was rather dry. I had to steal the gravy from my friends bibimbap dish. Maybe some pointers for them to improve in future.

At the end of the whole meal, we both decided that for RM10.90 , although affordable and free delivery, it was not worth going for second time.  But we probably chose the wrong two options. Maybe will try again the Vege Dutch pizza next time and recover from the disappointment.

The ingredients used by Kimnana Bento probably are fresher and healthier , and hence the boxed lunch would be a hit among some of you.

From the reviews of the other non vege bloggers, they seemed happy with their meal, so why don't you guys try it out yourselves. The other bigger bento sets come with tea as well, that was a real plus point.

Bon Appetit


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