Sunday, October 11, 2015

Loving Hut @ Puchong

We tried out another Vegetarian restaurant in Bandar Puteri Puchong few weeks back. Everytime we passed this shop, it was always packed with people, and when I did some check on the internet, it had quite  a few good feedback.

Loving Hut , with a tag line of BE VEGAN:MAKE PEACE, Peace Begins on Our Plate, is a cozy little corner shop on the opposite side of Giant, facing the undeveloped area in Bandar Puteri.

We loved the menu when we saw, little mock meat , more fresh vege’s, mushroom products and even their dish names are not too Meaty, apart from the vegetarian steak ( haha)

We ordered the Dry Chili with Mushroom( RM12) first , cause its my favourite :-) . The taste of the mushrooms were nice. Didn’t feel like we were eating mushrooms. It had a  chewy touch enhanced by a mildly spicy taste with lots capsicums, baby corn and cauliflower added, though I was missing the cashews that usually come in dishes like this. Still thumbs up for me.

A must for the kids is a sweet and sour dish. This time we opted for the Sweet and Sour Sauce with Veggie Steak( RM12). Not too sweet or too tangy. The kids loved it.

The Thai green curry ( RM12) we ordered was slightly different then the other ones we had tried. It was more soupy than a thick gravy. It was packed with lots of weird meaty mushrooms i had not tasted before. Weird in a good way. Nice to be exposed to more varieties in the Mushroom family. The taste of the green curry was not spicy hot , but the flavors of the authentic Thai green curry were well in place. Even the kids had a go with it, so i can say spicy level was 0 -2 only. 

We ordered few other dishes as well, such as Tofu with Mixed Vege ( Rm10) and Chinese Mushroom with Vegetables( RM16). Both were delicious. We all had no complains on the food. The aromatic flavours and tastes delighted all our senses.Ingredients were fresh and juicy. No one missed the non veg food at all!

All our rice came with the black sesame seeds, much to Brinda's dismay. However eating it together with the rest of the dishes, she totally forgot about it and ate it all.

We opted for the Sunny Forest and Rose Lemon Juice to try out their tempting drink mocktail menu,
Sunny Forrest came as a refreshing lime soda kind of drink. Loved it on a hot weather. 

The Rose Lemon juice was also as bubbliciously good as the former. It had lemon grass / pandan leave shavings with tiny rose buds on top. The drinks were a mix of rose syrup and carbonated drink, like a sprite/7 up.  Give it a try when you come here. 

Ragu had a non alcoholic beer. It smelt like beer, tasted like beer to me but I never liked beer anyway, so didn’t enjoy it. Ragu said it was good alternative for those who didn’t want to get drunk .LOL.

For dessert , we had Mango with Snowball( RM5.80). Nice chunks of fresh mango on mango puree, with jelly and flour balls. Perfect way to end the lunch! 

So my opinion, this is one good shop that dishes out lovely vegetarian food, has great service as all our orders came quick and had no slack with any of the tastes in the food. 

The full range of menu can be found on their website below: 

Bon Appetit !!

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