Sunday, August 23, 2015

SuperVeg Cafe at Puchong

*** Update**
Revisited this place today, and looks like they have changed the layout of the place..Feels  more cosy now and people running this place are definitely more friendly. One new dish i thought i should mention that is worth a shout is the Dry Wan Ton Mee. Trying is this time round made me wish why i didnt come here sooner. BBQ Char Siew was chewy and juicy while the Wan Tons in the soup, had complemented the dish so well...

There's a new vegetarian, vegan cafe in Puchong called SuperVeg Cafe. With so many vege restaurants sprouting out in and around KL, i'm amazed how they can still come up with different and interesting names to call them.

SuperVeg is located around Puteri Mart, at the block behind The WOK. Its a bit difficult to find as its not on the main road. Having another vegetarian restaurant  as its neighbour did not deter Superveg's opening. Though neighbor servers authentic Chinese vegetarian cuisine, SuperVeg concentrates on alternative meals, ranging from Western , Asian and Fusion. They server breakfast, lunch , and dinner. The setup of the shop is rather simple, and very spaced out. You got to order and pay at the counter and the meals will be served at your table.

Their menu's are written on the blackboard at the back of the shop and they have a "Today's Special section" .

I got very excited seeing the options there. Burgers, Wraps, Fish and Chips, Chicken chop. Buns, Pizza, Sandwiches, Soups and Salads, Nasi Lemak and rice dishes. Quite a lot i would say. Prices are quite reasonable , for their portions.

Kids wanted the normal Sweet and Sour Chicken with rice, Ragu got the Nasi Lemak and i settled with the SuperVeg Burger .

The Sweet Sour presentation was just like any other shop. Taste was good. But ordinary.

There are two types of Nasi Lemak , one is with boiled egg(3.90) and another SuperVeg Nasi Lemak  (RM6.50) with Fried egg and curry Chicken. We had the latter.

The least one could ask for when ordering a nasi lemak is having some lemak in the rice, and not served with white rice. Quite a disappointment for us, but for those who prefer plain rice nasi lemak, you'll be happy. As per their website, this is their signature dish, with really good sambal. I must admit, it was nice.Chicken curry was on the sweetish side.

My SuperVeg Burger ( RM5.50)made up for our disappointment with the nasi lemak. The burger had a fried egg, cheese and vegetarian patty with slight mayo , served with warm fries.

Our opinion : if you want quick vegetarian version of fast foods, you can head here.And you should be a mock meat lover to enjoy the foods here. ( Ragu wasn't a fan of it at all) . Food was nothing extraordinary, from the few that we could sample. But if you are around the area, you might want to drop by to try out their other dishes, like Bak Kut Teh and Pizza.Do share your views if they are good.

Bon Appetit

SuperVeg Cafe
No.G-36, Jalan Puteri 4/8 Bandar Puteri Puchong

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